03 August 2007

I'm really feeling in the "home stretch" now as my return to the states is soon. I'm packing up a box to mail home so I can travel a bit lighter...now to find a box!

Yesterday was good. A friend in Amsterdam had arranged for me to be interviewed on video by a guy called Luc Sala. He's an interesting fellow, into a lot of things. The place where lives is the top floor of a really cool building with a great pyramidal ceiling. It's his studio, living/space, where music happens, workshops, video stuff, so there are lots of comfy places and a big stack of really nice looking drums. I wanted to get my hands on those! I've been drumming more lately and really loving it. Anyway Luc interviewed me about Reclaiming. The video will be available on this blog in the near future. The interview was fun and interesting. He spent a few minutes before the interview coming up with questions, and they sparked a good Q&A and some discussion. Three friends came with me. Our idea was that he would interview the group, but he wasn't into it.

A few weeks ago I offered to mediate a conversation for some folks who'd had a falling out. That happened yesterday afternoon. I think it went well. There was movement of energy between the people, so that's a good thing. I have no perspective at all on what I do when I function as a teacher, mediator, bodyworker...the process for me is one feeling what's happening with the people and listening inside myself for instructions, spending a moment comprehending the instructions, and them going for it. I amaze myself at what I'm willing to say and do; things that can only be effective when there is trust present. And there is...perfect love and perfect trust...and I keep meeting people with whom I share this. It kind of blows me away.

It's still sunny here in Holland...wow! I have a tan from sitting in the Dutch sun.

Many thanks to all the people who sent love and energy and prayers for my healing. My back is at about 95% which is really great! Om Shanti!

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