12 February 2012

Malik Rahim of New Orleans, co-founder of Common Ground Relief and Common Ground Health Clinic, is the guest on Paradigms tonight, discussing what's happening on the Gulf Coast, in New Orleans, the Occupy movement and more. Great music as always. 8 PM Eastern WBKM and Paradigms.

03 February 2012

2012 sure has started out with a lot of oomph in my life! Things with Paradigms are going well. Teaching is going well. The global revolution is progressing. And, I found a great piece of land and I have put down a deposit on it. Now I need to raise the rest of the down payment!

I've put together a narrative and a short video of the land that you can check out here.

The most exciting thing about this project is that I am not doing it alone. Old friends and some new ones are "on on it" with me which is way more fun than doing it alone.

I hope you will check out the link and if you feel so moved, make a contribution. I would also be very grateful if you shared this email, or the link, with people you think would be interested in the project.

Even if you are not in a position to contribute monetarily, love and support are greatly appreciated!