14 July 2013

I don’t feel alone in being deeply troubled by the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. It’s a shock and at the same time it’s a reminder of the numbness that has become the hallmark of the United States. This is a country whose “leaders” send robots to murder children, whose “leaders” have poisoned the soil in Iraq creating millions of birth defects and immense suffering. I could go on and on listing just the violence against children around the world that is perpetrated daily by Barack Obama and his cronies in Congress and on the Supreme Court. And now George Zimmerman, the cold blooded murderer of an unarmed teenager, walks free, and can even have his gun returned to him, the gun he murdered a 17 year old boy with. What is the proper response to this? Is it to focus on the obvious racism of both the court, the jury, and the defendant? Is it to focus on the larger issue of how the United States murders brown skinned children daily? I know there are many with vengeance in their hearts, but I also know that leads nowhere. Passivity is also not an option. At what point will enough people in this country refuse to cooperate? Is Barack Obama planning martial law and mass internments? That’s the rumor, but it was rumored about Bush also. We know Obama has a kill list and orders the murder of citizens of this country, as well as citizens of other countries. We know that the government is listening to every phone call, can access every email, and can track anyone with a cell phone. The big picture is daunting, chilling, appalling. But back to George Zimmerman, I wonder if he has any conscience. Does he care that he took the life of another person? Or is he an empty shell, an animated body with a mind and no soul? There seem to be a lot of those around these days. I have no answers, just questions and grief over the tragedy, the travesty, and the waste.