06 April 2022

Here we are

Any field of life, whether a pond or a forest or a planet, has limits, capacities, processes that can be disrupted resulting in die off.  If we look at Earth over the last few hundred years we see an increase in activity, population, extraction, heat, pollution, the list goes on.  It looks and feels like we are headed for massive system breakdowns, in fact many of our human made social systems are already collapsing. Both the social contract and social safety infrastructures are disintegrating before our eyes. That is just the start.  Wait until large planetary systems collapse quickly.  We're getting close, with the oceans dying, the tipping of the Amazon rainforest which now emits more CO2 than it sequesters, and other such Earth systems collapsing under the weight of humanity's demands.  Record warm temperatures at both planetary poles has very significant ramifications.  The momentum is building, we all feel it whether we acknowledge it or not, and that is working on the collective psyche.  Fear of annihilation drives extremist politics and extreme religiousity, both of which shred the social contract.  We see this happening all around the world.

It's always nice to wrap up a blog entry with a pithy resolution.  I don't have one.  Here we are.