23 May 2011

Time for some reflecting. Last night WBKM aired the 79th episode of Paradigms. I’m feeling very good about the show. The guests are amazing wonderful people engaged in meaningful activity in the world, and music is such an energy mover; I feel a sense of accomplishment which is satisfying. I wish more people would listen to the show because I think they’d get so much from it. Tell all your friends!

It’s a slow spring arriving in Vermont this year. North America is receiving so much water right now, and we are no exception, so that means flooded lakes and rivers, and here at 1500 feet above sea level it means sodden ground, cooler temperatures, and a slow start to the growing season. There are now three adults living in this space, and Zack the dog. We are building the three bedrooms though. Framing happened on Saturday and is 80% done. Then it’s a matter of doing the dirtcrete floors, framing in the doors, putting up the wall coverings, wood between the rooms and glass and wood facing into the common space. Wiring for electricity and internet will go into each room, and then we can move in! The ceiling needs to be insulated and surfaced too. There’s a lot to do. At the same time we are preparing more beds in the garden, planting, and once the ground dries out a bit we will get part of the hillside plowed to plant a big 3 sisters garden in. The two hens, with their two roosters (thank goodness we got rid of the other 5 roosters, it has made everything better for everyone here) provide probably 10 eggs a week. Friends have been giving us perennials so we have planted a bunch of things up in the new orchard; lavender, bee balm, strawberries, raspberries, currants, roses.

Sharing this space with these two women is interesting. It works pretty well in that we are all respectful of each other, everyone does their share, and we are different enough that we cover different areas of maintaining the living space and a livable vibe. It will be good to get the bedrooms built though.

My housemates and me are planning on building a cordwood and masonry round house with round bedrooms built of the same material attached as pods going up the side of the hill a little. I also want to put a 12’ yurt up at the top of the hill near the orchard as a quiet space. The visioning is going well, and we are doing the work of sharing as we go along with each other and with the people who live in the other side of the earthship, and finding how to blend their visions of what is to happen here with ours. Some of that goes easily and some of it includes coming up against the little square blocks we all have in our minds. It’s definitely a learning experience, but it is working, and so far it’s worth the energy.

I’ve reduced my media consumption lately. The trends are clear, the issues of humans engaging in unethical immoral activity continue to be present, the same people are doing the same terrible things, I don’t need every detail right now. I feel that I am making more of a contribution by focusing on “my work” than by doing anything else.

Zack the dog has been here for over a week now. He is amazing. Everyone who has met him so far has been blown away by how sweet and present and well mannered he is. He is like another person in the house, except that he’s a dog. He’s a Samoyed and they are very special beings. He’s recovering from being mauled, so he has some scabs but they are starting to fall off and he is clearly enjoying his new home.

May we all find ourselves with the resources, the people, and the will to respond intelligently and kindly to what is in front of us.