29 October 2011

It is a sunny day in San Francisco. I hear the cars going by on Bush Street below me. The friends I am staying with have gone out for a bit and I am working on my radio show for tomorrow, responding to students and enjoying the change in perspective one can receive taking a break from the day to day, traveling.

It has been nearly 7 years since I sold my house, closed my therapy practice, and went on sabbatical. I feel a sense of coming full circle...or at least the sabbatical coming to an organic resting place, transitioning into something else.

There is a body of work in my past; as a therapist, as an educator, as a producer and host of a radio program. I’m in my 50’s. I am starting to perceive a sort of cohesive quality to all of what’s come before. It’s all coming together, my past gathering itself into something whole, forming a new starting point where I can draw from my past learning and go forward. I’m feeling more excitement and inspiration than I have in a while.

If I have one piece of wisdom to share, one piece of advice to give, (something I benefit by remembering!) it’s this. Never underestimate the value of true friendship.

Tonight I will attend the 32nd annual Spiral Dance! Tomorrow night I will share some of that on my radio show. If you are hungry for magic, tune in!