20 December 2017

Winter Solstice - Yule - 2017

Last night I attended a Solstice ritual led by Starhawk. It was just what I needed!

2017 has been rough in so many ways but for me, primarily, it’s been seeing the ugliness of nazism and white supremacy crawling out of hiding to poison the world. It’s been disappointing beyond measure, and I have been so angry! I have never in my life been so angry, or felt so punitive, so revengeful. It’s not been a fun ride.

The ritual did what rituals do...focus attention and energy, and help move some of that energy. Tonight will be the longest night, and then the days will start to lengthen again as the wheel turns. The long night is a great time to let go into the darkness of whatever one needs to release, and to welcome the return of the sun.

My own experience during the ritual led me to this...may 2018 be a year of justice! May we seek it and find it, create it and celebrate it, discuss it and share it. May 2018 be a year of justice for all!

Justice in this world is a tall order, but the reality is, it can only exist if we manifest it. From Palestine to Myanmar, from Washington DC to Moscow, from every heart to every other heart, in every mind, may Justice prevail. May Justice permeate our intentions and our deeds.