30 August 2007

One of my favorite cartoonists is Mark Fiore. His latest is about health care in New Orleans. Check this out!

29 August 2007

Back at my brother's in Vermont...just went swimming in the pond with the kids, in the hot summer day, so nice!

Plans are shaping up. The camper is almost emptied out...I am getting 150 miles more per tank of gas without the camper, wow! I'm reducing the load of stuff yet again, and it feels good.

I've been continuing to volunteer as the webmaster for the clinic in New Orleans, http://cghc.org. The site is getting a lot of traffic, and donations through the web site are increasing.

As I prepare to head west I am in a fund raising process for gas and food. It occurred to me today as I was driving back north that perhaps people would be interested in making a donation to me in support of the web work for the clinic, so I thought I'd mention it here. Anyone interested, drop me an email, and thank you. I'd like to raise at least $500 in the next week or so.

One thing that has taken a more solid form for me in the last 6 months is a concept of my job. My job is to be the name Baruch, which means blessing, or blessed. I am blessed, there is no question. I meet fantastic people, have amazing experiences, and am alive. To be a blessing means to me to bring as much joy as I can into my interactions, to be helpful where I can. The former is easier and easier. I find myself feeling friendly towards strangers, and enjoying the little moments as well as the bigger moments with friends and family.

As I travel the part about being helpful changes form, and being a guest in so many homes offers the challenge of becoming tired of being a guest, wanting to just be, and yet going from place to place where it is incumbent upon me to be helpful, beyond what I feel like doing. That got tough for me towards the end of my stay in Holland, which was pointed out to me, so I am looking at that.

So that's my job. The paycheck is sporadic, the benefits are very interesting, and the work itself is amazingly gratifying.

28 August 2007

I've been back in the US just over a week. It's been great to be reunited with Lasky and many of my human family friends. I am fortunate to be connected with so many great people!

Vermont is as beautiful as ever, so green, such great mountains and rivers and farms...really a special place.

I officiated at a very sweet wedding on Saturday. The magic was strong, the couple's intent and love so clear and beautiful. It was a pleasure and an honor for me to be part of that.

I have outgrown the camper, so it is off the truck and for sale. I'll be driving across the continent starting September 4 or so, getting better fuel efficiency w/out the camper, and happily not lugging this huge thing around. It was a great transitional object after selling the house, but it's no longer needed. It's nice to see progress within myself.

I am looking for ways to make money. Traveling makes this challenging, but I can do web sites from anywhere, and can offer online teaching. I am thinking of putting together an online course and offering it, not through any organization but just myself. There are so many things I can teach in this format, but I am thinking of a course that involves magical practice integrated with some psychology stuff. More on this as it develops. Anyone need a web site developed?

I feel it, being in the US, driving down the road in a country at war led by a dictator who serves as a puppet to hidden greedmongers, while so much looks "normal." The shadow looms though, and people feel it. People who used to be "mainstream" are disgusted and angry and afraid. Even republicans are talking about martial law here within a year, and they are not liking the idea.

It's gorgeous and sunny and I'm headed out with a friend to the farmer's market.

24 August 2007

I'm in Vermont! Yesterday was a day full of driving, from Brooklyn north. The upside of that was being with a dear friend who came to NY to pick me up and bring me to my brother in Vermont. That was great!

I got here last night. Lasky was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her. She's such a sweet creature. Today we head to Burlington, prepare to officiate a wedding tomorrow, and do more visiting.

I am freaking out a bit because I have very little money and am planning to drive across the country. I've listed myself on craig's list as a ride offer, hoping for someone to share expenses.

It's been grey and rainy since I got back to north america...it was grey and rainy most of the summer in northern europe...this is probably the wettest summer I have ever experienced. Flying across the atlantic on Sunday it was solid clouds below the airplane for the entire crossing.

21 August 2007

Brooklyn, New York; rainy, warm, so different a city from Amsterdam, or Paris, or Tel Aviv. It's great to be with friends, one of whom is about to give birth any day. It's also interesting to be back in the states; both familiar and strange at the same time.

I'll be heading north to Vermont in a couple of days, then heading west in a couple of weeks. I'm driving across the northern states and will be in Alberta, Canada. Any friends along the way...if you'd like a visit from Lasky and me, drop me an email!

18 August 2007

Traveling again, west now to north america. Loreley camp was great. Very intense, challenging in some waqys and very affirming at the same time. The path I co-taught with a really good 1st time student teacher went extremely well, very congruous with my vision of it months ago, which is affirming and inspiring.

I feel very at home in europe. We'll see what happens next!

03 August 2007

I'm really feeling in the "home stretch" now as my return to the states is soon. I'm packing up a box to mail home so I can travel a bit lighter...now to find a box!

Yesterday was good. A friend in Amsterdam had arranged for me to be interviewed on video by a guy called Luc Sala. He's an interesting fellow, into a lot of things. The place where lives is the top floor of a really cool building with a great pyramidal ceiling. It's his studio, living/space, where music happens, workshops, video stuff, so there are lots of comfy places and a big stack of really nice looking drums. I wanted to get my hands on those! I've been drumming more lately and really loving it. Anyway Luc interviewed me about Reclaiming. The video will be available on this blog in the near future. The interview was fun and interesting. He spent a few minutes before the interview coming up with questions, and they sparked a good Q&A and some discussion. Three friends came with me. Our idea was that he would interview the group, but he wasn't into it.

A few weeks ago I offered to mediate a conversation for some folks who'd had a falling out. That happened yesterday afternoon. I think it went well. There was movement of energy between the people, so that's a good thing. I have no perspective at all on what I do when I function as a teacher, mediator, bodyworker...the process for me is one feeling what's happening with the people and listening inside myself for instructions, spending a moment comprehending the instructions, and them going for it. I amaze myself at what I'm willing to say and do; things that can only be effective when there is trust present. And there is...perfect love and perfect trust...and I keep meeting people with whom I share this. It kind of blows me away.

It's still sunny here in Holland...wow! I have a tan from sitting in the Dutch sun.

Many thanks to all the people who sent love and energy and prayers for my healing. My back is at about 95% which is really great! Om Shanti!