28 August 2007

I've been back in the US just over a week. It's been great to be reunited with Lasky and many of my human family friends. I am fortunate to be connected with so many great people!

Vermont is as beautiful as ever, so green, such great mountains and rivers and farms...really a special place.

I officiated at a very sweet wedding on Saturday. The magic was strong, the couple's intent and love so clear and beautiful. It was a pleasure and an honor for me to be part of that.

I have outgrown the camper, so it is off the truck and for sale. I'll be driving across the continent starting September 4 or so, getting better fuel efficiency w/out the camper, and happily not lugging this huge thing around. It was a great transitional object after selling the house, but it's no longer needed. It's nice to see progress within myself.

I am looking for ways to make money. Traveling makes this challenging, but I can do web sites from anywhere, and can offer online teaching. I am thinking of putting together an online course and offering it, not through any organization but just myself. There are so many things I can teach in this format, but I am thinking of a course that involves magical practice integrated with some psychology stuff. More on this as it develops. Anyone need a web site developed?

I feel it, being in the US, driving down the road in a country at war led by a dictator who serves as a puppet to hidden greedmongers, while so much looks "normal." The shadow looms though, and people feel it. People who used to be "mainstream" are disgusted and angry and afraid. Even republicans are talking about martial law here within a year, and they are not liking the idea.

It's gorgeous and sunny and I'm headed out with a friend to the farmer's market.

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