08 March 2015

It is International Women's Day...only one day??? OK...fine...it's better than nothing.
Dear women, the ones I know directly and the ones I don't:
Thank you Mom for giving birth to me! You didn't have to, you chose to. I'm glad you did.
To all the girls and women I have known...many of my best friends, sisters, teachers, lovers, priestesses...what would my life have been without you? Who would I have become? I can't imagine. I honor you.
To all the women of the world...whether you live in a society that explicitly honors you for who you are or one that requires you be hidden and disempowered, and everything in between...my hope my wish first is that the crime of rape become a distant memory for all of humanity.
Second my hope my wish is that humanity embrace a woman's right to choose when to bear a child.
Third my wish my hope is that men and women can continue healing the wounds that create obstacles to full partnership and co-creation of humanity. All of us who were not born women can learn from women. We can all learn from each other, and benefit by it.
We can honor all of the life on Earth everyday if we choose to!