18 December 2010

The actions of the US government continue to be distressing, as the millionaires in Congress voted themselves another tax cut and will vote themselves a raise in January, and the repeal of DADT while hailed as a civil rights advance also represents a cultural expansion of the military. Thanks Congress for throwing us that progressive bone as you add nearly a trillion dollars to the deficit to pay for your tax cuts. President Obama continues to disappoint as he capitulates on the big issues while doing lots of good little things. This is an interesting website that tracks his actions in terms of promises kept, promises broken, and compromises, as well as accuracy in his speeches. As I write that I do have to say, jeez it would suck to be under that much scrutiny.

Then I go outside and feel the thousands of acres of forest that I live adjacent to. There is all this life which we don’t see but it’s there nonetheless. Bears, moose, deer, fox, beavers, probably catamounts, birds, snakes...and so many trees and bushes and other plants and it’s all connected through the network of mycelium. There is also a whole network of water in the land, springs, underground aquifer, ponds, all alive. The birds in the chicken house have all reached full size and while I went through a desire to reduce the number of roosters, I haven’t. This flock works as it is, and truthfully I have always wanted to be closer to birds, and now I get to interact with them multiple times a day. they are all used to me and most of them now let me handle them, under protest but without being so freaked out.

And it is solstice. I work with this part of the wheel of the year for about a week. It’s not optional. The moment of the solstice is a few days away but we are in that time of the shortest days and longest nights. I was just recollecting solstices past, where I was and what I was doing. I have always nested at this time of year. It’s my most inward period. I like to sleep a lot and dream. I usually gain some weight and don’t like to travel or see a lot of people. I was invited to spend time with a dear friend and her family, who are all family to me at this point, and I just kept arguing with myself about whether or not to go, and I finally decided not to. This is my first solstice time here on this land, in this place. I’m enjoying watching the light snow floating down from the sky. There is a little patch of sunlight at the edge of the sky just over Burnt Mountain. The rest is a light grey. The light is already waning and it’s just past 3 PM. There’s a fire in the stove, there’s good water and food, and the two black cats who live next door have moved in over here, so I have feline company. There are waves of joy and sadness. This time of year I find myself evaluating, looking back at the past year and even further back. I go through this every year. I remember people who are not in my life anymore through death or estrangement or just the dissipation of relationship. I think about the people I feel connection with and how amazingly blessed I am to know them. I think about things I would do differently, or hope to, and things I would handle as I did should a similar situation present itself.

Facebook has an app that allows you to see what the top 10 words were in your status updates for the year. All of mine were related to my radio show Paradigms. That surprised me. It’s true, though, that I have put more energy into it than into any other one project. I am pretty focused and intent on putting these shows together. I know that they are heard, and occasionally I get feedback, but for the most part I have no idea how many people are listening, how many keep coming back, and how the show affects them. Maybe it’s best that way? The show does not generate income, and maybe it’s best that way too. I don’t know. It sure is interesting to me though, to have this one project be so significant and to have this mysterious aspect to it. I like it.

The snow is still drifting down, and I continue reflecting and feeling the life that is in me and around me.

The solstice this year also coincides with a full moon and a lunar eclipse.


07 December 2010

This is the speech Obama SHOULD make.

"My fellow Americans, these are tough times. We all know it, we all feel it, we are all affected. It is in times like these that we need to pull together, each doing our best to live up to the ideals this country was founded on. To that end I am asking Congress to immediately implement a number of measures in order to raise revenues and lift our country out of the mire of debt and unemployment, and in order to protect the natural environment. I propose a new tax on all incomes over $250,000 a year. This tax will be progressive, so that the more a person made the higher the percentage of that income will be paid in taxes. I know that the idea of new taxes is onerous to many but right now we need to do what's best for the most. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few. This tax will not impoverish anyone, it will only be levied on those who already have more than they need to get by. Likewise corporations with over 100 employees will also see their taxes raised, and loopholes that have allowed multinational corporations to evade paying taxes must immediately be closed. We estimate that these measures will raise over $1 trillion in the next 10 years. A portion of that money is to be set aside for retooling factories for the manufacture of solar panels, windmills, and other green technologies. This will create jobs, lower our carbon footprint as a nation, and help us get on the right track with regards to global warming. These are just a few parts of the plan I will be presenting to Congress this week. When the new Congress convenes in January I will call upon each and every member to put aside their personal feelings and to work for the good of the nation. I ask you to let your congressional representatives and senators know what you want them to do, whether you want them to focus on their election campaign fund raising or to do the work of governance. I am also asking Congress to support an immediate drawdown in troop deployments abroad. My goal is to start closing US bases around the world, and to recall our forces. This will save over $5 billion per week! Last but not least I have set up a task force whose job it will be to collect ideas from you, the American people. No idea is too small for us to consider. What are your ideas for deficit reduction, for environmental protection, for economic recovery?
Thank you for the opportunity to serve."

This is the speech I wish Obama would make. I wrote it imagining I was writing from his point of view.