15 November 2017

Deer Crossing

This morning I was watching the river that flows by the place where I live, and on the other side of the river I saw a family of deer, buck doe and fawn.  The doe went first into the river to cross it, then the buck, then the fawn.  The doe crossed, the buck crossed, but the fawn was caught in the current and nearly drowned, and ended up turning back and barely making it out of the river.  I watched with trepidation.  I hoped the fawn would make it across safely, but it didn't.  It got out of the river and walked along the bank until it was out of sight.

Right before this happened a friend and I had been talking about how nature doesn't intend harm even in it's roughness, while humans can actually intend to cause suffering in others.

My stomach lurched when I thought the fawn was going to drown...watching a baby die, not exactly a good time, but it didn't die while I was watching.  I wonder if/how it will be reunited with it's family?