21 January 2008

EAT ended Saturday. It was really good, exhausting as any 2 week intensive can be, and inspiring as ever. The most difficult part for me has been the nerve pain in my legs, and the occasional moments when my legs give out from under me and I start to go down. So far it's a short enough moment that I recover control of my legs before I hit the ground. May it get no worse!

I'll be sticking around here for the rest of this week and then heading to the Bitterroot Valley in Montana for the month of February, then on to VT, and on to Netherlands and Italy etc.

I haven't jumped back into the media stuff so I have nothing to say about any of the latest shenanigans of our mentally ill government.

Some words about the folks who attended EAT; there were 23 people, mostly women between 20 and 30 years of age. Most of the group was queer identified. The group included amazing musicians, poets, filmmakers, artists, teachers, and more. This was such a low drama group, I would even venture to say no drama. They pitched in and worked their butts off. The class comes to an end with small groups working together on permaculture design projects. This EATs batch of projects was great; realistic, significant, creative. There are so many amazing people out there, and I tend to focus on the younger ones, overflowing with ideas and willingness. Any community would be fortunate to have an EAT grad settle there or come through offering what they have to offer.

Public appreciation to the folks who have been underwriting my work with donations! I don't name names in this blog, but you all know who you are. Thank you for being willing to support my rendition of traveling priest and teacher. I know for some folks the apparent lack of convention in what I'm doing brings up some discomfort. I want you to know that you are supporting the flow of work that comes through me, which is all designed to serve. Helping me to buy gas and food now actually supports the folks in Israel and Europe who will attend my workshops in April. In Israel especially people do not have a lot of money. Flying me in, driving me around, feeding me, and maybe putting some shekels in my pocket when I go, is a lot of financial wrangling for those folks. Helping me to get there makes a difference.

Cash flow continues to be an issue I am focused on. I am looking for $1000 to get across the country at the beginning of March. There continues to be the option to make tax deductible donations. For more info on that email me.

Love and Gratitude, gets me through every day!

12 January 2008

EAT is halfway through. It is so great to be with all these folks who are so focused on finding, creating, and implementing solutions to some of the human made problems on Earth.

I am well. My health is good. My spirits are up. I am a bit exhausted from the EAT schedule, but that's part of working an intensive. Lasky and Chloe are both well and happy too.

My schedule for travel to Europe is in place. Workshops are happening. It's all very exciting. I'm looking forward to February in Montana too.

Being in a rarified situation like EAT I don't see much media, so when I do get to see "what's going on" it's a combination of some shock and blasé "oh yeah it figures." The presidential circus grinds on. I'm amazed that anyone can get it up for this nonsense. The candidates, except for Kucinich, all look to me like amazing liars. I expect that from Repugs and Dems, but it's still disappointing.

I'm sure I will vote, as i can't see not voting on the off chance that it could actually matter, but my thinking self understands that the preselection and placement of the new president is in no way in the hands of the voters.

Today is the second sunny day in a row...lovely!

09 January 2008

I’m back in CA student teaching EAT. There have been big storms here, and we were without power, or phone for 4 days. Many roads were closed, towns without power...now power and phones are back and today it has been cloudy but not raining. Thanks to anyone who sent me anything in the mail...I haven’t been able to get to the post office yet but I will on Saturday.

A friendly amendment to the post preceding this one. The number of deaths cited includes all veterans and active duty military who died during the time period. It’s a lot of people, over 73,000, but they were not all fighting in the middle east.

I see the Clinton machine is running on course. Ugh. I am disgusted by the condescension and clear allegiance to and commitment to remaining among the power elite that both Clintons demonstrated in their remarks about Obama this past weekend. If she is the nominee I will write-in Kucinich, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If the Dems want to win they better pick someone other than Clinton. Oh I forgot, there is no picking, the nomination is a bought and paid for thing, as is the presidency. My bad.