23 May 2012

Life is interesting, no doubt.

Maybe not everyone, but certainly a lot of humans have to face the choice of whether they want to live or die many times in life…some people are not given a choice but what I mean is, for instance, say someone murders your mother, you might go through some deep psychological stuff about staying in this world and it might take a lot of time and experiences to navigate that.

I'm a pretty physical person, by which I mean I experience life through my body, including emotions and psychological stuff etc. I have a sense, today, having had a positive outcome from yesterday's upper endoscopy, that I have come through something; the threat of cancer represented my ambivalence about staying alive. Now that it seems that I do not have cancer I feel immense relief and excitement about going forward with life. It feels good to feel good!

09 May 2012

Sunday May 13 Paradigms is very happy to bring you a live acoustic set with Todd Thibaud! 8 PM Eastern on WBKM!

Tune in, don't miss this wonderful talented heartfelt musician.