27 October 2016

US at war within itself right now in North Dakota

Right now militarized police from numerous states are aggressing upon the Water Protectors in North Dakota on Native Treaty Land. All cell phone coverage has been jammed. There is no live video coming out right now, it's all jammed.
This is how a totalitarian state operates. Make no mistake about it, Obama is allowing this. This is an act of eco-cidal insanity. Understand that what we call the US Government is an occupying force representing a financial and fossil fuel elite cartel. The elections are false. The economic system is rigged. The various "law enforcement" agencies serve the elite...not you and me. A racist apartheid system is entrenched in this country, and most white people will deny that because they are insulated from it.
Your high Obamacare premiums and deductibles, your out of control student loans, climate change, police killing people daily...and so many more ills we see in our society, these are all symptoms of the corrupt system that rules this country. It's very clear that the upcoming presidential election is a farce. What will it take for there to be massive non-cooperation? We need a general strike in this country and we need it now.

14 October 2016

Autumnal...and Starhawk!

Paradigms this week features the author Starhawk, talking about the new audiobook version of The Fifth Sacred Thing.  Starhawk and I are old friends so we have an easy rapport, and discuss many things of interest; the Standing Rock action, what "sacredness" is...she gives a great explanation...and more.

It's grey and rainy, there's a chill in the air.  The corporate news is full of election foolishness.  The independent media is full of stories of corruption, impending nuclear war, and just general awfulness.  I find that my best response is to sit quietly and watch the rain and the river, the birds, the dog, and just enjoy being part of this.