31 May 2009

Tonight is the first episode of my new radio show Paradigms. I've been working on it for over a month. I've got interviews and music, and am lining up more interviews and live music for future shows. paradigms airs every Sunday at 8 PM ET on wbkm.org The show is based on the theme question, what are our visions of a viable future for life on Earth that includes humans? It's an optimistic question, and the interviews are really fun and interesting.

I am the kind of person who has to feel everything. I score at twice the average for empathy. In order for me to put my heart into a question about a viable future I have to go through all these feelings that the question brings up. There are so many reasons NOT to see a viable future for humans. The things that humans are doing right now on earth, the cruelty and injustice, the corruption, the deep deep depravity of our so-called leaders, the profit over life mentality of business; I weep.

I know myself well enough, at nearly 50 years old, to know that I have to go through this emotional discharging to make space for the optimism and creativity which allow me to visualize a viable future for humanity. In fact, it is my ability and willingness to feel that makes it possible for me not to live in despair. I wish for, and offer, the idea that to feel the sadness and anger is a gift. If we are willing to feel and to let those feelings pass through us, we can heal and learn and be free.

19 May 2009

I had a great day today in Burlington seeing friends, making some arrangements for the new radio show at wbkm.org with Eric and Tony. I learned about something which actually I have heard about but not become particularly educated about. That is the issue of a chemical which is in the water supply for the Champlain Valley Water District serving some 68,000 people in Chittenden County, Vermont. The chemical is called chloramine and is the result of treating the water with both ammonia sulfate and chlorine. The reaction creates chloramine which is toxic. Allowing this toxic chemical in the water supply is a real smack in the face to Vermont’s green image. Unfortunately, since the incidence of illness falls below the statistical radar of the people in charge of the decision to have chloramine in the water, no legislators or government officials seem to be willing to champion the cause of safe drinking water for the Champlain Valley Water District. I wonder what kind of economic pressure such as consumer, tax revolt, or adverse effects on tourism, might get the attention of the folks in charge.

I also had a very clear thought on my drive home, it is this.

If we look at the world and see who is making the most trouble, it is the Abrahamics. Jews, Christians and Muslims, all in the name of Yahweh, or Jehova, or Allah, are savaging much of the world. Their religions have become corporate gangs and armies fighting over resources, control, and ideology.

This has got to stop.

Now, not all Abrahamics are engaged in war. It is the extremists, the fundamentalists, the orthodox. It is the groups that cling most strongly to their traditions, many of which are simply outdated for the challenges we face as a world.

Newsflash! It’s time to move forward rather than be controlled by the past.

It’s time for human beings to grow and behave like responsible adults. Everyone’s simply got to learn to accept difference. We don’t have to like everyone and not everyone’s going to like us but we all exist here together and either we get it together or we perish. And no wealth or military might is going to ultimately protect anyone.

I think that about says it.

15 May 2009

Dear Readers:

 "Paradigms" is my new radio show launching mid May on WBKM.org.  I've been doing Stories from the Road on WBKM for nearly a year and since I am no longer on the road, the show is being expanded into a live 1.5 hour weekly show to be aired Sundays at 8 PM ET.

• Paradigms is about exploring the theme through live and pre-recorded interviews with all kinds of people, some well known, some not, as well as live and pre-recorded music.  

• The theme is the main question for all of the interviews, "What visions do you have of a viable future for life on Earth, including humans?" The idea is to cross pollinate people's visions globally.

WBKM is an internet radio station with listenership around the world.  My current show has 2500 - 3500 listeners each episode, from at least half a dozen countries, and the listenership is growing each week.

I'm recording phone interviews with all kinds of people, or perhaps you would record an answer to the theme question, going wherever you want to take it, feel free to ramble.  I can edit for length without changing the message and will happily run my edit by you before airing.

I believe that humans need each other's visions now and I want to gather as many as possible and broadcast them as an audio quilt.  

I hope you’re interested, and if you know others who'd be interested that would also be fantastic. 

respectfully and with enthusiasm,

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07 May 2009

I find myself in a state of depression. I am exhausted all the time. It is a lot of work to get myself to do anything. I crave solitude but am happiest when I'm with friends.

Whenever I have an emotional spike it brings thoughts and feelings about my mother's murder. I can't shake it.

I am so fortunate that friends have given me a place to live, that the state has granted me $200 a month in foodstamps. Occasionally something else brings in some cash, but other than those resources I am down to zero.

I went traveling for 4 years, in part to rediscover my own life's trajectory. Now I am back where I started and it's as if I never did any of those things, had the experiences of the last 4 years.

I don't think I deferred grieving. I certainly have grieved.

Maybe it's the fact that the crime is unresolved, thanks to the government and police of Nevis.

Maybe being in Vermont again, I have to go through this to make a new life here.

I'm not even sure why I'm putting this out in such a public place as my blog. Maybe just to say, some things one can never get over.