31 May 2009

Tonight is the first episode of my new radio show Paradigms. I've been working on it for over a month. I've got interviews and music, and am lining up more interviews and live music for future shows. paradigms airs every Sunday at 8 PM ET on wbkm.org The show is based on the theme question, what are our visions of a viable future for life on Earth that includes humans? It's an optimistic question, and the interviews are really fun and interesting.

I am the kind of person who has to feel everything. I score at twice the average for empathy. In order for me to put my heart into a question about a viable future I have to go through all these feelings that the question brings up. There are so many reasons NOT to see a viable future for humans. The things that humans are doing right now on earth, the cruelty and injustice, the corruption, the deep deep depravity of our so-called leaders, the profit over life mentality of business; I weep.

I know myself well enough, at nearly 50 years old, to know that I have to go through this emotional discharging to make space for the optimism and creativity which allow me to visualize a viable future for humanity. In fact, it is my ability and willingness to feel that makes it possible for me not to live in despair. I wish for, and offer, the idea that to feel the sadness and anger is a gift. If we are willing to feel and to let those feelings pass through us, we can heal and learn and be free.

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Mereana Taki said...

I love your beautiful pono. Your purity of thoughts and emotions like a gracious fountain pouring into the river below waiting bubbling as the one recieves the nourishment of the other. Very honouring of our powerful whakaaro Sacred Feminine life energies. Wholeness for many tribals is heart-centred. This heart is a matrix for all other related intelligences of human and divine weaves meeting. Tnankyou for this gift of purity of expression. Our world is healed for these vibrations of magnitude.