24 August 2007

I'm in Vermont! Yesterday was a day full of driving, from Brooklyn north. The upside of that was being with a dear friend who came to NY to pick me up and bring me to my brother in Vermont. That was great!

I got here last night. Lasky was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her. She's such a sweet creature. Today we head to Burlington, prepare to officiate a wedding tomorrow, and do more visiting.

I am freaking out a bit because I have very little money and am planning to drive across the country. I've listed myself on craig's list as a ride offer, hoping for someone to share expenses.

It's been grey and rainy since I got back to north america...it was grey and rainy most of the summer in northern europe...this is probably the wettest summer I have ever experienced. Flying across the atlantic on Sunday it was solid clouds below the airplane for the entire crossing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Baruch -

Maybe consider couch surfing at www.couchsurfing.com - you can meet the folks whose couch you are surfing first, maybe make them a meal, but have a place to sleep and shower for 2 nights, free usually. A friend did this with after she sublet her Rotterdam apartment to help support her through a year of school, and ended up making friends (and not having to pay for a place to sleep).

Good luck!