31 July 2007

Hanging out in Koedijk this week after being in the east of Holland participating in a sweat lodge, witnessing a very fun and lovely handfasting ceremony on Friday, and a few days of camping. This is the final stretch of relax time before Loreley Camp. Then back to the states.

I have this feeling of coming to the end of a journey...and preparing for the start of another. NYC, VT, then head west. So far there are two possible workshops...Denver and Edmonton. I hope those happen...that'd be a lot of fun. Pick up Chloe the cat in Montana, see friends there, and then head to...Seattle? Bend? Portland? I'd like to go through all those places on my way to California...we'll have to see what works out in terms of money and gas.

Part of the plan is to sell the camper...if anyone reading this is interested, or knows someone who might be, please let me know. I am keeping the truck, just selling the camper. It slides into the back of a pickup truck. It has some wear and tear, but is in great shape generally. Everything works, and it's been a lot of fun. In addition to the two burner stove, mini-sink and 3-way refrigerator (LP gas, 12v, AC) it has a solar panel and invertor and 4 marine batteries, so if you are in a sunny place you have some electricity. Here are a few photos. It's a Palomino, was new in 2001 I believe. I can deliver, depending on location. I'd like to sell it ASAP...last week of August, or early September. Make me an offer! I am looking for something in the vicinity of $2000, but will accept the best offer I get.

The sun is shining...I'm going out to sit in the garden.

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Shakti said...

selling the camper???? Where will you sleep?