16 July 2007

It's sunny and warm in Holland. It's even been hot and humid. What a relief after all the cold rainy weather!

I'm still very much in "take it easy" mode, hanging out with friends I am staying with, sleeping late. It's good. My back is improving daily. Yesterday I walked 4 km in the woods. It's really great!

My plans continue to crystallize. US in August, out west for the fall and winter, then head east and get to Crete to set up shop.

Part of the plan is to find a small property on Crete and build, with a friend, a couple of naturally built houses. To that end, I want to announce first here in this blog that in September 2008 we'll be hosting a natural building session for a few weeks to build some stuff. It would be great to have a team of 15 to 20 people working on these structures, learning together how to set up a low impact low cost high effiency permaculture homestead in a short time. All food and tenting space will be provided. So dear reader, if that lights something up inside you, consider coming. Let me know if you're interested and I'll be providing more details as we have them.

I obviously have internet access where I'm staying, and I've been indulging my media jones, and reading what's happening politically...wow. I guess what astounds me most is the high level and degree of corruption that is evident in pretty every government, multinational corporate dealings, and generally in the management infrastructure of our world, and that people stand for it. That's the part that gets me. It's not that the corruption exists...that's not surprising, people are corruptible, and in general the people drawn to those power positions are less developed empathically and, I think, spiritually, so they of course succumb to corruption. It's that the general population allows it to continue that's so mind boggling.

Of course it's true that a lot of people are doing amazing things that buck the status quo. I don't want to underemphasize that. One really amazing thing is a project I just heard about rosesforchildren.com

I'll be driving east to west across the US in September, and I'd love to offer workshops to any communities along the way that are interested, preferably with a local co-teacher. I haven't mapped out my route, but I am headed from Vermont to Montana so the deep south is probably not where I'll be.

Workshops include Iron Pentacle, Pentacle of Pearl, Three Faces of Betrayal, Guerilla Healing, Pentacle of Air, Advanced Energy & Bodywork, Concensus, Magical Activism, and if you need something else I would be happy to develop a new workshop.

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