05 February 2009

I am very happy to report that my neck is no longer hurting, the nerve pain down my arm is gone along with the tingling and numbness. Yay!! It's amazing how much energy it takes for me to cope with constant pain, and when the pain is gone all that energy becomes available for other things, like feeling good and being creative.

It is overcast here in the Bitterroot Valley today, and in the mid 40's F. I have this feeling of springtime, though I know it is really months away. The smell of the thawed earth, the warmth in the sunshine (when it's sunny) and the surge of energy from not being in pain all fill me with excitement.

I have been following the news some. Lots of really bad decisions being made by Obama regarding expanding faith based government funded ventures, poor choices for cabinet posts, continued US war mongering and brutality, continued squeeze on civil liberties. As the economy continues to sink into the abyss, the proposed stimulus package is looking less and less reasonable to me. If instead of bailing out corporations the government just sent everyone $50k most people would be able to pay off a lot if not all of their debt which would make the banks solvent, get people out of debt and allow for a revitalization of the economy. There would have to be wage and price freeze along with the payout to prevent inflation from running amok. But what we seem to be getting is more bailout for corporations, and some needed infrastructure and education repair.

We shall see what we shall see, eh?

Some friends are here working on their travelling permaculture demonstration schoolbus/home. Check out permibus.org it's pretty interesting. The website is not finished but we're all working on it.

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Anonymous said...


I am glad you are feeling better. Neck pain sucks...sigh. Thanks for adding www.permibus.org to your blog; I checked out the link today. Very cool stuff! Speaking of permaculture, will there ever be an EAT training in New England?

Much love,