18 February 2009

The universe seems to have different plans for me than I had for me! The person who I rent from here, whose cabin I spent 160 hours fixing up, has told me to leave. She feels her privacy being impinged upon by my use of the bathroom in the house, and she wants to be alone. OK.

I can go anywhere I want, and Vermont does seem like the next place to go, to return home. I have no money saved, so I can only make the trip when I get my teaching paycheck at the end of March. I am looking for somewhere to go until then, or if funds arrived before then maybe I would just up and go.

I feel a little shaken up. I’m not surprised, but still it feels lousy. I have done this before, allowed myself to count on people who aren’t really there for me, and I have stayed too long in those situations before, so it’s good that this one is being cut short.

Ahhh, deep breath, everything will work itself out. It’s just sad and frustrating and stressful to be in this situation.

So the fund raising starts for the move. I will get $1500 at the end of March for a teaching gig. If someone were willing to advance that to me I could make the move asap and pay you back at the end of March.

The stress and upset of this is hitting me.

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