05 May 2016

Cancer, Medicine, Faith and Community

This week's episode of Paradigms, and next week's (it's a two parter!) focus on the experience of Dave and Rebecca.  At 35 weeks pregnant Rebecca was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in March of 2015.  Since then she has had a baby, undergone numerous different cancer treatments, been a catalyst for community, and worked with faith and prayer.

I've known Rebecca and Dave for some time, not super well but in the context of permaculture and spiritual community.  I've been following their story, if you will, since the diagnosis.

In these two episodes of Paradigms Dave talks about what happened.  He tells the story from before the diagnosis to the present.  There was too much for just one episode so I decided to make it a two parter.  The first part will air this Sunday, May 8, and explores a lot of the story, what happened when, stuff like that.  The second part will air May 15, and goes into some of the more esoteric and community based aspects of Dave and Rebecca's experience.

Rebecca chose not to be interviewed, but with her consent Dave and I spent some time together via Skype, and he told the story.  We shared funny moments, tearful moments, and joyful moments.  Tune in and let this story of love and commitment inspire you.

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