14 April 2016

Notes on the April 17 Paradigms

This week's episode will be among many people's favorites!  Sha'an Mouliert, my old friend and fellow GMTI colleague, tells some of her story.  Sha'an started out in Queens, New York, and has been living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont for quite a few decades now.  Listen to the episode and I think you'll enjoy her very much, and of course the music (which Sha'an picked!) is excellent.

This episode follows a theme that Paradigms has been actively exploring for 7 years; Justice.  Whether it's racial, gender, sexuality, economic, ability, environmental...Justice (and I use the capital "J" on purpose) is an elusive goal which, while we may never fully achieve it, as Kinan Azmeh said on last week's show, we must keep striving for.

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