08 May 2016

Driving with Zack and Bees

Zack and I just got home from a 7 hour drive...3.5 hours each way...to pick up a box of bees!  As soon as we started back after getting the bees I noticed a few flying around in the car.  They had gotten out of the box.  Zack didn't seem to mind and I just didn't have any fear response.  They seemed troubled and were flying against the rear windshield.  I turned up the A/C and got into relaxed driving mode, and 3.5 hours later we got back home with no stings. I felt a very delicious calm for most of the ride.  No music.  No windows open.  Zack was very attentive to the driving.  Occasionally he'd look back at the bees but then eyes front with a big smile. Zack is a dog, for those who don't know.

When we got home I brought the box out to where the hive is set up, behind a big rock as a windbreak, with a bush on the sunny side so as not to be too hot, and with the river about 20 feet away. I did what I was told, uncorked the box and let the bees out, then put the frames that were in the box into the hive I have set up, put the top on and put  the baggie with sugar syrup on top, with some cuts in it. There were a lot of bees in this box with the 5 frames, and they were all coming out of the box when I uncorked it...then when I took the lid off the box, wow!  Thousands more!  The cool thing is...no fear, and no stings.  Zack is fascinated and wants to check them out.  I suggested he let them get settled into their new home first.

I love the character "The Melissa" from Starhawk's "Fifth Sacred Thing" trilogy.  The Melissa is a priestess who communes with bees, and has become part bee in a way.  She works with bee energy and bee substances in healing, as well as "bee mind."  I am feeling a whole new exploration coming, for me, with bees.

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