03 March 2009

Today held a lot of amazingness for me. I slept late, always nice, but shortly after waking up I received a call from the group home where I’ve been working. I am on call three days this week, and the call was to ask me to come in today. The group home provides a full time home for 5 residents, and there are 3 crisis stabilization beds as well.
The amazingness comes into play in the interactions I had with the two persons who are currently occupying crisis beds. I felt so much respect for both of them, and was able to do some good listening and some good sharing with both of them. It’s really amazing to me how my life has provided me with experiences that, through sharing, can offer valuable perspective to others. I know part of the value is in how I share, and it is very pleasing to me to see how much I’ve learned in that context. I left the group home tonight feeling really good about the people I’d spent time with today and about how I handled myself. It’s nice to feel good about one’s work...and by work I do not mean “job” work but the work of one’s life. It's also powerful to learn about people's lives, what they've gone through, and how they are digesting their life experiences.

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