28 March 2009

Vermont is, once again, dealing with legislative matters pertaining to the civil rights of it's citizens, this time in the form of gay/lesbian marriage. Once again the powermongers in the republican party are going the route of "divide and conquer" by accusing gay people of being fascists. Talk about projection! Check out this article. It's been an effective tactic for thousands of years and it still seems to work. By appealing to fear and anger people can be manipulated. It's such a tiresome cycle.

I had a great evening a few days ago. I met a couple who live in an amazing place near Owls Head mountain, a place I spent meaningful time in the late 1970's. They have invited me to proceed, with them, towards a future where I am living on that land with them, and with others. My job there will be to organize and manage the shared food garden. Am I excited?? It's my lifelong dream coming true. This week I will go back and spend some more time just walking around the place, and sitting.

I've been able to go at a reasonable pace this last week. I did have stuff to do, people to see, everyday, but I didn't run myself ragged. I am gradually seeing my peeps. I have been saying that I needed to come back to Vermont and make the kind of life that is really good for me, not fit myself into the american box, and it is happening. As things take form I will undoubtedly report them here.

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Congrats, Baruch!