11 February 2008

The snow has mostly melted here in the valley. There is still plenty in the mountains though, and I can see that it is still snowing in the mountains.

It's good to have this time with Lasky. I see her age is catching up with her. She was 15 human years old in December. Now she is a little less strong, and appears to be slightly disoriented occasionally. She's still pretty much herself, but it is like watching her start to run down, knowing that eventually she will stop. She's still a love.

I'm working out my money and infrastructure for getting across the country and to Italy. Things are coming together. It's a process.

My days here are pretty quiet. I'm not doing much media in the way of news.

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HG said...

Is Lasky with you during your whole travel through Europe?
Especially in the small houses of Holland it might be a challenge to find a good place to stay.