04 February 2008

It's cold and partly cloudy in the Bitterroot Valley tonight. There's some snow from a few days ago and a dusting from last night. It's quiet.

I'm here with critters for the month housesitting for a friend who has gone off on a mission. She's a nurse herbalist street medic who's gone to join The Longest Walk 2 to provide a mobile clinic for marchers and people they encounter along the way needing free health care. I met this person in New Orleans at Common Ground Health Clinic. She's pretty awesome and does a lot of good. As it is she can go on the walk for a month. The walk is 5 months long. My friend needs $500 a week to pay her bills at home since she has to take time off from her work in an ER to do this. Any donations would be extremely helpful and would go directly into providing patient care along the walk from Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay to Washington D.C. Please email me for info on how to donate, or just go to their website, The Longest Walk 2.

There are a lot of projects for me to work on and complete before heading east in a month. I am finishing up the curriculum for my class Healing Magic and for the workshops abroad.

I've been watching the media coverage of the presidential race. I can't help but feel hopeful about Obama. I know it's probably a mistake to do so, but what the heck. I saw Hilary with her makeover, eyebrows plucked, more eye makeup...wow. She looks and sounds exhausted.

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