18 December 2007

On the phone this morning with a friend here in Montana (an amazing person, one of the folks who started the clinic in New Orleans) we were talking about how, in this winter time, we just want to stay inside and nest. I have come to treasure this time around Yule, as it draws me inside. No matter where I am, the progressing darkness, short days and long nights, pulls me inside. It used to be depressing, and it is still sometimes a time when grief rises to the surface and moves out. And yet, this year, I am charged with some big pieces of work during this period. I am designing a number of workshops for Israel and Europe, putting together my online class in healing, and working out the logistics of traveling in 2008, which means finances, animals,, tickets, etc. Whew!

The point of this is that I found myself saying to my friend how amazing it is to have this job of coming up with ideas, taking them out into the world, offering them to people, and having all that make a difference. It is an honor.

I'm sure my process is different than other peoples. For me it involves a lot of doing nothing; just eating, relaxing, sleeping, reading, watching videos, standing outside and feeling the place, watching the weather and the mountains, being with animals, etc. Just living, just being, makes space for creativity to emerge. I can't push it.

I have been settling into this house for 9 days; getting used to the place, organizing the psychic space, listening to more music. Gradually I have been reaching into the idea pool, and emailing with colleagues in these ventures. Last week was the final week of the term at BVU so my class ended and there were lots of papers and exams to grade. That helped me transition into this work mode. Now that's done, and I still expect to be involved with writing and thinking every day, so those creative juices are now focused on this creating.

My current conundrum is whether or not to bring Lasky to Europe with me. Chloe will come. I can't leave her again, and a cat is easier to travel with than a dog in terms of size and overall impact.

My fundraising efforts have borne some fruits. A few people offered to send some money, which is great. That will take a week or so to get to me. Someone also offered me a computer! Wow. It is amazing to feel supported by people while I am in this work mode. I think sometimes that what I'm doing now might not look much like work to strong work-ethic minded people, and yet this is a full time job, believe me. I think I am still coming to terms with this form of work.

Gratitude and winter healing!

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