28 December 2007

It's the end of 2007. Wow what a year it's been. Just in my own life a lot has happened. I've done some good work in this past year, which is gratifying. I'm not always sure I'm "on track" but 2007 was pretty good in that regard.

Then of course there is all the bigger picture stuff that's happened in the last year, including the terrible murder of Benazir Bhutto that happened a couple of days ago. Watching the world, feeling with the world, intending to effect the world...all cause to take a deep breath.

Now I am planning 2008. Oy vey. I have manifested another set of teaching engagements abroad. I'm pretty excited about the workshops, the enthusiasm of the folks I am working with, and the adventure of more travel.

I'm also feeling mixed, like it would be so nice to find a little cabin in Montana and just settle in.

Ironically, yesterday evening I was thinking about the difficulties I am having finding funds to do things like...buy food, service my truck, buy an airplane ticket to Europe. I started to panic a little, and then I calmed myself and considered...maybe I am not going abroad. Maybe it isn't happening. Maybe I just can't get that together, and I should stay stateside. I felt some relief when I thought this. I even went so far as to imagine getting a counseling license in Montana and working in the field of psychology again. Then I slept on it.

This morning I received email from a friend who may be willing to float me the price of my ticket until I sell the truck in Vermont in February. That casts a whole new light on the situation, and gets me back into thinking about taking this trip after all. Never a dull moment in my life!

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