12 December 2007

I am hoping you will be interested in supporting my work with a tax deductible donation.

What is my work? I teach a variety of consciousness classes in the US, Europe and Israel.

Why am I seeking financial support? The classes pay enough to feed me and transport me regionally, but there are a few things that the class tuitions don't cover.

1. Getting me to Europe this spring...I need to raise about $2000 for travel expenses
2. Computer infrastructure...my iPod died and my computer is aging, looking to raise about $3700 to replace these.

I am currently earning money teaching through a college in Iowa, and am planning my own online course through my website http://www.healingmagic.org but I am very low on cash for things like...buying my ticket to Europe, and getting my computer stuff squared away, and frankly right now I am low on cash just for food and gas. So I am asking for help.

The tax deductible part comes into play thus. You would make a donation to the non-profit that I work with and they would funnel the funds to me.

Please email me baruch@mcn.org if you would like more information about my work, or for the address of the non-profit organization where you can send funds. Thank you!

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