15 October 2007

Warm rain in northern California. Visiting friends in Ukiah, speaking with a Psych class that one of my friends teaches tomorrow at a Community College.

I feel good. I see more than I used to and I am relaxing into a flow that will carry me for a while. Maybe all the way. I no longer choose to be in resistance, but to do my part of living in harmony with Earth and Life as much as I can. The old is collapsing, it will fall away, and some of what will be left will make different, healthier, choices. The ethical and moral midgets in power cannot hold us all. Life is free wherever it exists and it will continue to exist.

It continues to happen again, still, more, that I am offered choices between wonderful places to live for a time. It is truly an embarrassment of riches to be offered the opportunity to witness and be part of life in so many places.

Lots of gratitude, all the time.

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