06 October 2007

Ah yome sweet yome. I'm back on the ranch. It's great to be here. I feel very welcomed home. There have been some changes since I left in January. One person is gone, two other people are here as caretakers, there are more chickens and less vegetables in the garden. The apple trees are overflowing with great fruit and there are still figs on the tree! Lasky and Chloe are right into their routine. There is less water.

It's great to see the people here, and the land. I am already starting to unwind, though there is more quiet relax time ahead which is great!

The trip across country was amazing, with wonderful companionship, great visits, effective work, adventures, adversity, etc. Much gratitude!


Marjie said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I read your blog. It was a link on someone else's blog from the Reclaiming Community.
I'm Marjie. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and practise the Reclaiming tradition with a small group we have here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Baruch!
Missing you (and No. Cal.) and glad you and your four-footies are back in the yome!

Much love to you, and to all other inhabitants - Star of course, Joe and Noa, and...the land.