30 October 2007

Blessed Samhain..all hail the mighty dead without whom we would not be here. Survivors, progenitors, speaking to us, whispering in our DNA, in every cell and molecule of food and water and air. We have some big work to do, and we need the wisdom and creativity of those who survived the devastations of their times to assist us.

The salmon and tuna populations in the pacific off the coast of northern California are crashing. If you're eating pacific tuna or salmon, you're eating the last of them.

The warmongers continue their bloody dance. The ones elected to the US congress nearly a year ago have shown their true colors as collaborating warmongers with the murderer in chief. Now we know. The US is lost. What happens next?

And with all this ecological political tragedy there is still hope. Nothing dies forever. There is no end to life, in whatever forms. Out of ruin will come forth something else. Something smarter. It's good. My job now is to be as kind as I can, to reduce my footprint, to witness and feel and connect.

I'm staying in the yome still. I'll be here for a few more months. I am seeing wonderful people, sharing visions, riding the wave.

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