24 April 2009

"In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrator James Braithwaite have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack. A spellbinding vessel for Lennon's boundless wit and timeless message, I Met the Walrus was nominated for the 2008 Academy Award for Animated Short."

I met the Walrus

13 April 2009

It is the end of the day, my 49th birthday. I am listening to a demo of Suzanne Sterling's new CD Blue Fire Soul...if you have never listened to any of her music there is a song on the archive page of my radio show, check it out. She is truly amazing in so many ways, as a person, a priestess, a musician...all together. Thank you Suzanne!

As I begin my 50th year I have been feeling a sense of goodness about my life. It came to me a couple of days ago; I could die anytime and I would die knowing I leave behind goodness. I feel good about what I've done with my life. Going forward from here I have a sense of calm. There isn't the urgency I used to experience. It's a good feeling.

Starting my 50th year, starting my 8th body, planning a new home with lots of participation from friends and family, growing my radio show, planning a food forest...there is a lot in front of me. I felt overwhelmed a few days ago, then I took 4 days to not drive, to relax and be, and the overwhelm settled into a sense of possibility and...in a way it doesn't matter if I "get things done" what matters is how I proceed.

On my birthday I send love out to all my family, friends, fellow travelers, co-workers, all of us sharing this time on Earth.

10 April 2009

Today, talking with a friend after uploading my most recent radio show, I realized something. I'm feeling sad watching Barack Obama become yet another bloodstained president of the US. I know he's a player or he would never have run for office, but I do think Obama's humanity is at least somewhat developed, certainly far more than that other guy...W...but by presiding over the death for profit business of the US, and by commanding the murders in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama is drenched in blood. What toll does that take on him? Will he become a sociopath? Has he already become one? Was he already a sociopath? I don't think he was, but now...

Our entire paradigm is so deeply flawed. It is designed to bring out the worst in us, from the "leaders" to the "followers" because leading and following are things we need to evolve beyond...and soon! Any paradigm which ends up exalting money over life, where death for profit is the business of a nation, of nations, is a paradigm which needs to be dismantled and replaced.

03 April 2009

I just received this in an email from Amnesty International:

"New information obtained by Amnesty researchers this week confirmed a massive shipment of U.S. weapons was delivered to Israel on March 22nd.

The administration allowed the delivery, despite clear evidence of Israeli human rights violations, some amounting to war crimes, including the controversial use of U.S. made white phosphorous munitions over densely populated areas. That's the white phosphorous that sticks to flesh and sears it until completely deprived of oxygen."

You can contact AI and take action at their website http://www.amnesty.org/

This is exactly what I have been saying! It is the U.S. weapons industry that is maintaining the war in Israel! If there is to be peace in Israel then THE U.S. HAS TO STOP PROVIDING WEAPONS.

From Obama on down...every member of Congress, every greedy CEO; these people will keep selling death unless WE STOP THEM.

Groups See US Troop Surge Harming Afghan Civilians

G-20 Protesters Break Into Royal Bank Of Scotland In London

So what are we Americans going to do? Our country has created this economic environmental disaster as much and more than any other. It's a hard fact but there it is. We have allowed greedy sociopaths to put profit before life and to export this sickness around the world in the form of consumerism and war.

Obama keeps talking about change...well?

I just uploaded episode 41 of "Stories from the Road."