13 April 2009

It is the end of the day, my 49th birthday. I am listening to a demo of Suzanne Sterling's new CD Blue Fire Soul...if you have never listened to any of her music there is a song on the archive page of my radio show, check it out. She is truly amazing in so many ways, as a person, a priestess, a musician...all together. Thank you Suzanne!

As I begin my 50th year I have been feeling a sense of goodness about my life. It came to me a couple of days ago; I could die anytime and I would die knowing I leave behind goodness. I feel good about what I've done with my life. Going forward from here I have a sense of calm. There isn't the urgency I used to experience. It's a good feeling.

Starting my 50th year, starting my 8th body, planning a new home with lots of participation from friends and family, growing my radio show, planning a food forest...there is a lot in front of me. I felt overwhelmed a few days ago, then I took 4 days to not drive, to relax and be, and the overwhelm settled into a sense of possibility and...in a way it doesn't matter if I "get things done" what matters is how I proceed.

On my birthday I send love out to all my family, friends, fellow travelers, co-workers, all of us sharing this time on Earth.

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Happy Birthday!