04 May 2020

More about fascism...

The sight of Trump, and the words he said, at the Lincoln Memorial on May 3, were completely 100% lies and self aggrandizement; all the usual garbage we have come to expect from Trump. What made it especially rancid was the setting which was selected for dramatic impact. Presenting such gaslighting as he did in front of a memorial to an honest man, causes such cognitive dissonance as to throw people further off balance. This is an essential aspect of nazification. Hitler did it, Mussolini did it, Trump is doing it. It’s obvious, it’s recognizable, and we know what it is.

When we name what is happening we weaken its power. When we name Trump for what he is, a toxic narcissist Hitler-wannabe, we put him into perspective and that offsets the unbalancing effects of his actions. His actions are designed to horrify and disgust, to put people into a state of emotional reaction that makes them less effective in resisting the fascist agenda. We do not have to fall for this.

When we name the power behind the throne, Charles Koch, as a wealthy white man, disconnected from the world, surrounded by wealth, raised by nazi sympathizing parents, we put him into perspective.

Etc etc. Putin, Xi, MBS, all people who pull Trumps strings, all need to be named, recognized for what they are, and to have their power weakened by being seen. The nefarious thrive on being able to operate in the shadows. Shine the light on them. Show them for what they are. Gradually people will see, and will stop co-operating.

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