04 May 2020

Conundrums and questions

I open my email and there is one from an animal rights group asking for donations, with a story about someone beating a pregnant dog to death. What is wrong with people??  Who does that?  What kind of sicko?  Wait, it gets better.

In Stillwater, Oklahoma extremists actually threatened people with guns for wearing masks to protect themselves from the corona virus. Yes you read correctly, they threatened people for wearing masks because that was seen as disloyal to Trump.

The US has been successfully nazified.  The dictator can do anything he pleases, there are no limits, no accountability.  The legislative body, Congress, has been rendered ineffectual and is now a rubber stamp for fascism. The executive has told states that they must kiss his ring in order to be allowed medical supplies during an epidemic. This is real.

It is done.  There is no more United States.  Now what?

Now we are each charged with finding the most effective and creative ways of non-co-operation.  We are each the keeper of our own conscience.  What does yours tell you?

I know I will have to get past this heartbroken feeling, and somehow I will.  My own tiny contributions keep me sort of sane; having something to do that speaks to people, my radio show. It's not enough, nothing is enough, but together maybe all of us can be enough.

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