29 January 2010

So so much gratitude to all my sisters! On this full moon, which is close to perigee, Wolf Moon, Imbolc Moon, Moon in Leo.

It’s been a rough couple of days. I’ve had a couple of melt downs, wept and raged. I’ve ingested too much media a few times. I hit financial zero, literally coughing into the gas station, running on fumes when I finally had money to buy gas with.

Tonight the moon is full and huge and shining and I am filled with gratitude.

I wasn’t born with sisters from my mother and father. I have always connected well with women. The two women who knew me longest are both dead,my friend Madelin who knew me from ages 9 to 41, with whom I acknowledged the bond of brother and sister, and my mother who I got along with best when we were friends. The mother son thing wasn’t so great. I’ve grieved them both. I am still working through a lot of feelings about my mother’s murder.

Driving home tonight it became clear to me that these two women, sisters to me really, were the first of many. I am blessed with many sisters in the world, all over the world, and I am so grateful for those people, those relationships, what I learn and share with and from them. Thank you all my sisters!

Tonight I will be going out under the moon, sometime around 11, to make an offering and marvel at the cosmos. Maybe some of the people who read this will join me, wherever they are.

Blessed be.

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