01 October 2009

A couple of entries ago I took Vermonter Peter Galbraith to task for continuing to support the war in Afghanistan, and specifically for supporting the proposed troop increase. I was pretty pointed about it and alliterated to spitting on him.

This week Peter Galbraith was officially fired from the UN for publicly stating his belief that the elections in Afghanistan were not clean. He also came out in opposition to the proposed troop increase.

I am very glad Mr. Galbraith has publicly stated his position, and I retract my literary spittle. What I don't understand is why he supported the war and the troop increase publicly a week or so ago and now has made a 180 degree turn.

It is extremely problematic when people working in government spout the party line. How can anyone trust government when it's public voices are dishonest? You can't have a "party line" and have honest government at the same time. People need to be able to express what they really think. How else can there be reasoned critical thinking in government?

So Mr. Galbraith I apologize for my rudeness in as much as your newly revealed position is not that of a warmonger. I just wish you'd spoken up sooner in your official capacity. Lives might have been saved.

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