26 July 2009

This is a week to be especially mindful and aware. Pay attention. If you see people being rounded up, quietly disappear. If someone comes to your door and wants to inoculate you, tell them to hold on a minute...and disappear, or take whatever measures you deem appropriate to protect yourself and your family. This is no joke.

These events are coinciding. Check out each link. As crazy as this may sound, this is actually happening.

US prepares major terrorism readiness exercise

Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Alert

What You Can Do to Prevent Forced Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations. Demand Your Right to Self-Shield!

And if all that weren't bad enough, here to add insult to injury is Dick Cheney:
Dick Cheney's connection with the Tamiflu vaccine

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mymoso said...

this scares the sh*t out of me. no joke - i've had recurring nightmares about escaping different quarantine-type facilities for about a decade. is this really happening?