15 December 2008

It is COLD here right now. Last night was around -20 F. The cabin is not tight, so keeping the fire going and huddling in my bed were the order of the night. Chloe cat stays warm under the covers and Lasky likes the cold.
I have been on a weird 1980's music kick, downloading old pop songs. I am also very drawn to music on German and Italian right now. Traveling in Europe was so good for me, challenges and joys. The fact that I can listen to music in languages other than english and even understand a word or a phrase here and there is comforting somehow.
So, staying warm...3 to 4 months of this are tolerable. Heck, I'm from Vermont! I will be doing additional insulating this week, getting more wood, blah blah and will be fine. I can always grab the critters and go into the house 150 feet away which has central heating. I like being the long haired smokey smelling guy in the cabin...and laugh at being in this neighborhood living as if it were 100 years ago.
I find that, being so occupied with my own physical survival, I rarely read news or anything political. After the obsessive election experience this is a relief. I wonder how long it will last?

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