16 December 2008

Heading into the bottom of the year, Solstice is in less than a week. Here in my cave-like bedroom in the cabin, with the fire burning and temperatures in the single digits above and below zero F, I have time to contemplate. I have my distractions which are also pleasures; music, food, internet, and of course the critters to care for and be with. Distractions, though, are in a way intended to change the now, which of course one can never do, because the now is always exactly what it is. Everyone is having their moment, their now, in some way. They are all different but aggregated that is humanity, that is the experience of the human morphogenetic field.
The contradiction of humanity; the timelessness of the moment, and the fragility of the body which can only live within a very narrow set of parameters. It's a wondrous experience. If this is all there is, it's amazing. And if this is one of many forms we move through, it is also amazing. I don't think it matters much to know, and we can't be truly certain until we cross through the final veil of this life, but to feel the enormity of the mystery, of possibilities, is inspiring.

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