20 July 2008

I've been going a bit stir crazy here by myself for the last few weeks. Again I am reminded that even I need other people! The woman whose house this is, "S," came back yesterday...she works in Milan during the week and is here on weekends. Her husband is working abroad currently. Besides the fact that I like her and we have great conversations, interacting with another person, one with whom I share language, immediately lifts my spirits. I feel much more sane. I guess my hermit days really are over!

This semester I am teaching two sections of Psychology of Gender at BVU and I'm having a great time with both of them. The students are engaged and enthusiastic about the material. It's a lot of fun and very gratifying for me as a teacher.

In conversations with S we've been discussing some of the fascinating quirks and contradictions and blind spots in humans. I am continually fascinated by the tendency of many humans to fear the unknown to the extent that they shut themselves off from difference, while others embrace the challenges of exploring the unknown. Why is it that some people believe they need the solidity of fixed beliefs, while others are more open to ambiguity and uncertainty? there are numerous psychological explanations, and infinite variables in how individuals are imprinted that lead them to be as they are, us to be as we are, but it still raises my curiosity.

I've decided to offer the online Healing Magic class for free, donations accepted, starting September 8.

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