26 March 2008

Chloe and I arrived at Schiphol yesterday morning to be met by our lovely friend who is putting us up this week. It was snowing! Trains were affected, people were coming back from a 4 day weekend and the platforms were packed. It was an adventure!

Flying with a cat is an unusual experience. Chloe did very well. She did escape her box when we got on the plane in Dulles, but a flight attendant caught her right away. She slept mostly. I tranquilized her at first but then even after that wore off she slept. I took her to the bathroom on the plane every hour or so to takje her out of the box, hang out with her, giver her water. The travel to Italy by ground will be interesting!

And after all the shots and the microchip etc, Dutch Customs was, as usual, very nice and easy.

Proceeding with plans for continued travel and work, and happy to be here.

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sander_vk said...

Warm welcome to Holland!