17 March 2008

Music! I have always loved music, since I was a kid listening to my big brothers playing Bob Dylan and Jefferson Airplane and Traffic. Music has always mattered to me. I also love to share music that is special to me with others, so I have created Music for you! which you can see on the right hand side of this page. This is a collection of music files for download. I hope you enjoy my selections.

By the time I was a teenager I had been listening to Laura Nyro, and in 1974 I first heard Joni Mitchell. Laura died some years ago. I always thought we'd have liked each other. Now Joni is receiving accolades and honors for her genius, and it's all well deserved.

In 2007 Joni Mitchell released her first album in many years, Shine. It's beautiful, strong, and well worth listening to. Here is a teaser, one song, called This Place. The whole album is worth buying.

Herbie Hancock, another brilliant musician of our age, has recently released a set of recordings; interpretations of some of Joni Mitchell's work. It's called River - The Joni Mitchell Letters. Here is Tina Turner singing Edith and the Kingpin.

Music can move one in one's soul, open the heart, blow fresh air through the mind.

My friend Eric Koval with some partners has started an internet radio station, WBKM.org. He's playing great music for the people. Check it out. I hope to be sending in some recorded stories or interesting somethings to WBKM.org in the near future, tune in!

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Anonymous said...

See, you just keep loving us Canadians. A couple of other Canadians you might like to listen to are Jennifer Berezan (who does some long play earth loving chants as well as some very beautiful folk music) and The Compadres - a duo made up of Oscar Lopez and James Keelaghan. Both are independent musicians who have gotten together twice to make two amazing CD's. I love love love them.

Love Shakti