17 March 2008

Music! I have always loved music, since I was a kid listening to my big brothers playing Bob Dylan and Jefferson Airplane and Traffic. Music has always mattered to me. I also love to share music that is special to me with others, so I have created Music for you! which you can see on the right hand side of this page. This is a collection of music files for download. I hope you enjoy my selections.

By the time I was a teenager I had been listening to Laura Nyro, and in 1974 I first heard Joni Mitchell. Laura died some years ago. I always thought we'd have liked each other. Now Joni is receiving accolades and honors for her genius, and it's all well deserved.

In 2007 Joni Mitchell released her first album in many years, Shine. It's beautiful, strong, and well worth listening to. Here is a teaser, one song, called This Place. The whole album is worth buying.

Herbie Hancock, another brilliant musician of our age, has recently released a set of recordings; interpretations of some of Joni Mitchell's work. It's called River - The Joni Mitchell Letters. Here is Tina Turner singing Edith and the Kingpin.

Music can move one in one's soul, open the heart, blow fresh air through the mind.

My friend Eric Koval with some partners has started an internet radio station, WBKM.org. He's playing great music for the people. Check it out. I hope to be sending in some recorded stories or interesting somethings to WBKM.org in the near future, tune in!

08 March 2008

Yikes! We are snowed in just east of Cleveland in a motel. Level 3 emergency declared in the county so I am going to stay over for the day and the night and head out tomorrow.

I went out to get some food. It's great out there. You can't see the road at all, and it's snowing pretty hard, so everyone has to drive slowly and pay attention, there really is no choice. Something about more intense climate stuff brings out our common humanity.

These long drives offer me time to think, to be, to sing, to cry, to laugh. It's like review time. All of what I've been experiencing is somehow distilled into intense emotions. It's good. I feel connected with a lot of people all over the world. I feel the connections. I know they love me, and are thinking of me. I love them and am thinking of them, and they know it. I remember when I lived in Vermont I used to feel lonely, mostly for a partner. Now I feel ... well the opposite of lonely, I feel connected with so many partners. I sure do love getting older.

Talking with people when I buy gas, or food, or whatever, is always interesting. So far I have had some really great experiences. I don't even start the conversation about how challenging things are in the US these days. People must detect a sympathetic ear and it just comes out when they are with me. I just read how the FDA doesn't want to release the names of companies selling recalled tainted meat because it would be bad for business. I see that, and I think about the people I meet, and there is such a total disconnect. The FDA is just one example of how government is now blatantly against the people.

I was driving through South Dakota. I heard radio station KINI FM, out of St. Francis, a Native station. The gentleman was speaking slowly and deliberately. he said "Today we are going to talk about what is good for the people." He went on to discuss respect for elders, and then introduced two high school girls who each shared a little about how they grew up with their mothers, aunties, and grandmothers. They both talked about how they had been taught to be kind and generous and to respect elders, and how when they made a mistake their grandmother (usually) would sit down and explain to them what they did and why it was wrong and how to correct it. I was struck by the dignity and especially by the attention to kindness and caring and respect as important practices.

06 March 2008

We just crossed the Mississippi River. I send my love into the beautiful living river, may it carry my love south all the way to New Orleans and the Gulf.

I'm experiencing lots of gratitude as I drive. I'm so excited about the Healing Magic class. People are enrolling, and from many countries. This can really be the start of a fantastic international healing project, community, school, life!

I had more to say when I planned to blog today, but somehow it's all evaporated.

New blog feature...music for you! Today's song for the day is For Everyman by Jackson Browne. You can listen to and download it on my new page, Music for you! Listen to the words.

03 March 2008

Here we go! Early tomorrow morning we climb into the truck and start heading east. It may be snowing, but once I get out of the Montana mountains the weather looks pretty clear until the Great Lakes region.

I *think* I have enough gas money. With oil at $102.65 a barrel today, I wonder what I will encounter. My fingers are crossed!

One of the things I love is that when I set out to do a project, with all of the preparatory steps it takes to get there, by the time it's time for me to show up and do the gig, I'm ready. I feel that readiness building in me as I prepare to go "out there" and teach. It's an exciting feeling. I know that I don't know what I will encounter, and that there is no way to prepare for the unknown, and I'm traveling on faith. It's not the first time, most likely won't be the last.

I hear from friends in various places that there is a lot of sickness, flu, pneumonia. I am hearing this from California, New Mexico, Montana, Vermont...feels like a plague, eh? The bugs sure do get tougher and more virulent. It makes me think of the algae bloom and it's ultimate fate.

But, possibly depressing thoughts aside, I have loved being in the Bitterroot Valley and expect to return here in the not too distant future.

I'm thinking of all the people out there who I love, and how good it feels to love you all.