21 June 2007

Thursday 21 June 2007, 13:57

Solstice! It is grey and chilly in Holland today.

I am beginning to get some perspective on my time and experiences in Germany and how I am feeling. I am more exhausted than I can ever remember being. I feel like I have been severely beaten for days; sore, achy, tired. I am rediscovering my own aliveness.

I relate to life through my body. I am of the earth and am very identified with Earth. The energy in different places has an effect on me. The earth in Germany is soaked in the blood of centures of violence and torture, and especially the attempted genocide on my tribe, my relatives, in the last century. It’s real. I feel it. It’s not a cognitive experience, it’s an embodied experience. The kindness of my friends there is real and I treasure those friends, but it doesn’t change the reality of the history and how that works in me.

Maybe for someone with no Jewish ancestry, it would feel different. Maybe other Jews have had similar experiences...I would love to hear about them if anyone wants to share.

One thing I am learning, which I can articulate at this point is that, despite my lifelong pursuit to see humanity as one, right now I see that we are made up of different groups, with real differences, some of them possibly irreconcilable. I have always rejected this view as an impediment to peace, but now I am thinking...it’s true. There are real differences. What that means for the possibility of peace, I do not know.

I want to make Jewish food, chicken soup, kugel, who knows what else.


deborahoak said...

oh, fantastic!!!! So nice to read your blog in this format and be able to comment. Happy Solstice, Baruch!

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine it is an experiance somewhat to what I had at either of two camps I saw, except yes it is a congitive thing...thing.. hmm...ick but ick every human being should experiance