15 July 2012

Well, I was going to go to Baltimore to cover the Green Party Convention for Paradigms. That didn't pan out. Then I was going to cover it remotely using the live feed from the convention. That also didn't work out. All that being said, I want you all to know that the Green Party of the US held it's nominating convention in Baltimore this past week and Dr. Jill Stein was selected to run as the Green Party Nominee for President of the United States.

As much as US elections are pretty much theater at this point, if you do choose to vote, a vote for Dr. Stein is spit in the eye to the republicans and democrats who so richly deserve to be spat upon. They will steal votes from her but they will know that our numbers are growing, and soon, planet willing, their days of dominance will be coming to an end.

Dr. Stein, good on ya!


23 May 2012

Life is interesting, no doubt.

Maybe not everyone, but certainly a lot of humans have to face the choice of whether they want to live or die many times in life…some people are not given a choice but what I mean is, for instance, say someone murders your mother, you might go through some deep psychological stuff about staying in this world and it might take a lot of time and experiences to navigate that.

I'm a pretty physical person, by which I mean I experience life through my body, including emotions and psychological stuff etc. I have a sense, today, having had a positive outcome from yesterday's upper endoscopy, that I have come through something; the threat of cancer represented my ambivalence about staying alive. Now that it seems that I do not have cancer I feel immense relief and excitement about going forward with life. It feels good to feel good!

09 May 2012

Sunday May 13 Paradigms is very happy to bring you a live acoustic set with Todd Thibaud! 8 PM Eastern on WBKM!

Tune in, don't miss this wonderful talented heartfelt musician.

18 April 2012

The chair of the House Ag Committee in the VT Legislature is caving in to Monsanto, and refusing to bring the GMO Labeling Law to the House for a vote.

802-828-2228 Rep. Carolyn W. Partridge, Chair House Ag Committee

Let her know that it is her job to serve the people of Vermont, not Monsanto. The bill is H.722